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5th April 2021 – Share Offer Launch

So folks, it’s time to commit to supporting our village pub. The share offer is launched and will remain open until 31st May 2021.

The Prospectus is published HERE and a separate Application form HERE

The Society’s Business Plan is HERE and details of how the Society aim to to benefit the community HERE

12th March 2021 – The most recent planning rejection has been appealed.

Hello All, More news on the planning front! We have until 24th March to explain once again to the Authorities why we do not want to lose our pub. The appeal documents can be found here: Their grounds for appeal can be found on this site, it is worth reading. Nothing new from their last submission, repeating much of the same contradictions and silliness.

Your comment on the appeal is encouraged. Comments can be lodged with the Planning inspectorate here:

Please make it clear that you know that Breckland was right to deny planning permission; that our pub is essential to the Village life as we have no shop, no post office, no book lending service and no casual place to meet like a cafe; and there is no need for additional housing. One thing they can’t accept is that when the pub was properly managed, it was very popular and financially successful. Please make that point. There was a great response from the questionnaire, from the village, to help support the pub reopening, so please as many of you send in your objections. Please can you all get writing and putting in your objections to the planning appeal, incorporating these and any other points you want to add , that will be fantastic.

The Committee will also putting in its customary objection, along with the appropriate legal advice. The Local Camra team are also objecting to the application, supporting us to reopen the pub; the same pub they awarded a regional award to when it was being managed by a successful team. The Plunkett Foundation & More than a Pub, government funded organisations are in discussions with the Society to extend their help for us as well.

Thank you!

18th February 2021 – Good news from Plunketts. Our request for a grant/funds was received with enthusiasm. We now need to discuss the timing of the share launch.! Just need to tweak the application forms. Contrary to our fears there is still funds available!

8th February 2021 – Storm Darcy brought snow to Foulden. Hopefully they’ll be wisps of smoke rising from the White Hart’s chimneys again soon!

29th January 2021 – Our campaign features in today’s Lynn News. You can read the article here

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